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- Creative/Collab Photoshoots -


What is Creative/Collab?

Creative/Collab was a photoshoot project launched by Mariel @ Lipstick & Magic Tricks in 2016 in effort to start building stronger community connections between local people, small businesses, artists and vendors.

In 2017, Lipstick & Magic Tricks joined forces with
Flint & Flower Photography and Creative/Collab was given a new structure.

Every Month, we announce One Themed Collaboration Photoshoot (Which Includes Makeup & Photos) 
for a huge discount - All we ask is that photos are 
credited upon posting to social media.

 Anyone who is interested in modeling is welcome to apply!

If you would like to join us for a Creative/Collab Photoshoot, be sure to follow @lipstickandmagictricks & @flintandflowerphotography on Instagram for more info & announcements.

Or check back here for Monthly Shoot Updates!
























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